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Breaking: Angelo Agrizzi returns to the State Capture inquiry for Cross Examination

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There are so far , so many people who have availed themselves on the state capture inquiry for many different reasons which are implicating them. Usually many just went there to mention different things which they know and accuse people for many different things.

Now the time has arrived for cross examination. It’s a point where lawyers are gonna verify if ever the things said by the accusers are true or not. It will also be checked based on possibilities if the news being true or not. All these things will be found on the state capture commission.

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What bothers many of South Africans with regard to the state capture commission it’s how it prolongs from time to time. It has been taking place for too long now of which it’s not necessary to happen in that way at the moment as there are many things to be fixed.

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South Africans are also worried , that despite evidence being given of people who are involved in Corruption. There has never been anyone arrested in regard to what’s happening in the state capture commission and as things stand it’s like there is no one who will ever be arrested.

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Maybe now that the Commission is dealing with cross examination more people will be arrested as time goes forward. It’s important to ensure that there are harsh decisions taken against all those who do not follow the right procedures of all that is happening in the country.

We must be a dignified country , by all means necessary, we must be a country which do not condone corruption. All people implicated in corruption should be arrested and jailed to ensure that even the upcoming generations understand the results of corruption.

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