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International Mens Day|| KZN Premier Send A Special Plea To Amabutho Across Zulu Kingdom

Gender-based violence is continuously taking its toll such that the KwaZulu-Natal premier has urged Amabutho to take lead in the province's fight against it.

Sihle Zikalala attended the international Men's day event in Mbumbulu in the South of Durban. In his speech, he spoke directly to ambush to take lead in the fight against GBV and femicide. He went on to say these men must be examples to the young men and teach them the true values, characters, and responsibilities of being trustworthy men. Yes, the ambush is having its challenges right now but that should be something they do from their own homes to the community. The ambush is still mourning the death of King Zwelithini KaBhekuzulu and also the recent passing of their leader Mgilija. But fatherly responsibilities of there must not be ignored.

Not forgetting the untimely death of her Majesty Queen Mantfombi Dlamini Zulu in April, yes these blows are painful and all of them happened one after the other. These series of bereavement must not hinder the amabutho from being of service to the nation which requires these services more than ever before. As the nation comes face to face with this devastating war called Gender-Based Violence and femicide many rely on amabutho's guidance, war tactics, discipline, and determination to win the war against gender-based violence and femicide. The myth which says that men do not cry must be abolished.

Society must not depend and create men who feel that their voices do not matter, and also believe their concerns are not taken seriously. Men should learn to speak about things that affect their mental, psychological and physical wellbeing so that they get help before these worsen. The traditional Zulu culture or African societies was never part of the repressing of women and relegate their role to second-class citizens. History teaches that women were worshiped and revered. Before the planting season, our ancestors did rituals to the goddess of fertility and agriculture. But today it is shameful and disgracing that today our mothers and sisters, our daughters suffer at the hands of men and boys.

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GBV International Mens Day|| KZN Sihle Zikalala Zwelithini


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