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Magashule in trouble As a Convicted Criminal Is Set To Testify against him over missing R1.5 billion


Despite the fact that several government leaders have been accused of corruption, they continue to maintain a large following of supporters who cheer, clap, and defend them against critics at every opportunity. 

Mpho Moses Mokoena, the former Head of Department of the Free State Department of Human Settlements, pled guilty to corruption charges following an R1.5 billion tender to build RDP houses for Free State citizens in 2010. 

Mokoena's department set aside R500 million when the tender was canceled, despite Treasury warnings, for other projects that had not even begun. 

Furthermore, officials in the department utilized the cash in a fraudulent operation in which they paid contractors for building equipment that was never delivered and construction work that was never completed. 


While Magashule's supporters live in asbestos-roofed matchboxes, the suspended ANC Secretary-General continues to try to claim that he had no direct involvement in the Asbestos corruption case. 

Despite the fact that there is no question that the incumbent was involved on the balance of probability, Magashule continues to depict himself as a good Samaritan who was wrongly convicted. 

The NPA has reportedly reached an agreement with Mokoena to testify against Magashule in the housing issue, according to multiple sources. 

It's unclear whether this is related to Magashule's involvement in a housing project in which his daughter's company was hired to build RDP houses without a competitive process after the original contractor was fired. 

Views of the General Public 

Koko Matshela, the former Eskom boss, is one of the many people who feel Magashule is innocent. According to Koko, the NPA is killing a convicted criminal in order to apprehend Magashule, which he considers a shame. 

His supporters remind him that law enforcement is constantly looking for a larger fish to catch, and that Mokoena's conviction pales in comparison to the governing party's Secretary-General being found guilty of corruption. 

Opinion of the Author 

Opportunities in the big business sector and SOEs are currently severely limited, purportedly due to the regional layer of leadership's takeover of municipalities and dictating contract decisions. Through their local network, people like Magashule amassed massive fortune. 

The defection of Magashule from the ANC is merely a step forward in the fight against corruption. For the NPA, this is a significant victory. The country demands moral leadership that will implement the required and difficult structural reforms to re-establish industrial capacity and create vast job possibilities. 

So what if convicted government officials are required to reveal the rot within the party? Getting rid of RET leaders like Magashule isn't enough to put an end to the ANC's state takeover. If they're proven guilty of corruption, they ought to be exposed and held accountable.

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