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Nurse who accidentally killed a patient got this unbelievable sentence.

Raw emotion in court as a nurse whose tragic error caused the death of a 75 year old patient avoids prison time. Radonda Vaught dropped her head and cried with relief when she was sentenced to three years probation. Defense attorney Peter Strianse told Inside edition:

"I'm sure there is relief though she is not going to do cartwheels or things like that".

She faced six years behind bars but in a stunning twist the victim's family begged for mercy from the judge. The victim's daughter in law told the court:

"We forgive her, my mother in law would want us to forgive her. Jail was not an option to me".

The 38 year old nurse wept and shook when she heard those words of compassion. She then took the stand and apologized to the family for the first time since the incident.

Vaught was supposed to give her patient a mild sedative before a routine procedure. Instead she administered a lethal dose of a paralyzing agent called Vecuronium. She was found guilty of criminally negligent homicide and a case that ignited fury among nurses in America.

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