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Advocate Dali Mpofu Breaks Down The Opponent For Zuma

Advocate Dali Mpofu Breaks Down The Opponent For Zuma

Date: 2021/09/21

Dali Mpofu managed to get a small victory for Jacob Zuma in court this afternoon, the man knows exactly how to win cases, but the issue is far from being resolved because they believe that Jacob Zuma deserves a fair trial, according to the constitution no one is supposed to be jailed like Zuma was, he also told the court that he believes Jacob Zuma should be a freeman and this could be taken to the international courts.  

Advocate Dali Mpofu has broken down a reporter Xoli M on his Newsroom TV show after he was invited as a guest on the show just a day ago, the story made the news headlines today after the senior lawyer of the Economic Freedom Fighters told the reporter, that he should do proper research before he comes with the false claims about the step aside from the resolution of the African National Congress rule that came after Ace Magashule was suspended.

The advocate is a genius, he has come up with solutions to many legal problems the Economic freedom fighters were faced with. The opponent he broke down is the NPA (National Prosecution Association).

The EFF has been in the news for quite some time now, but Dali Mpofu has been defending them very well in court, he hates Pravin Gordhan with passion but somehow he made a deal with Zuma of which Julius Malema orchestrated after they had a tea party. The Advocate knows his stuff, he has been able to do things that no one in the legal facilities has ever been able to do in the last 100 years.

Mr. Mpofu is the kind that knows to win cases, he does whatever it takes, and he only works with tycoons, not just anyone can afford him, or get to work with him, you must be high profile for him to help you out, Zuma is close to getting free.


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