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Video: Stop Making Call When You're On Traffic, See How Criminals Snatch People's Phone

Many things are happening in our country today, even things we thought will never happen are the once that happen frequently. Since the thembisa protest which claimed the lives of many innocent individual, including the destruction of public and private properties like schools, shops, cars, even shops. Since the protest began, it has been from one bad news to another.

A video making rounds on all social media platforms has been making the headlines today, speaking from what happened in the video, you can clearly see a man trying to snatch someone's phone, unfortunately for him, he was caught and nearly got apprehended by the residents.

Many people have shared their thoughts on this news, some said the man is a criminal and he should be arrested and put behind bars immediately while other claimed that the man may not be that guilty, they believe that the police should do a background investigation before doing anything to him.

For me, I won't call him a thief because he hasn't been found guilty in the eyes of the law, but judging from what I saw on the video, I think he is not up to any good, he wanted to steal something but it went horribly wrong for him.

What do you think about this article? Is she really trying to steal something? Share your thoughts on the comment section, and please follow for more interesting updates.

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