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SA Men for SA women & vise versa. SA women who prefer Nigerians must migrate to Nigeria say Victoria

The genuine concern of South Africans to have to be employed first have turned to be an opportunity for some people to express their hate for foreign nationals. The disrespet of the law by some foreign nationals emitating some South Africa have became something else. You get Somalis, Pakistanis selling expired goods and fake stuff. Some Zimbabwean have turned Jozi is a dangerous area and there is a genuine concern. But some of it, it is just hate. Victoria Africa is not apologetic.

Victoria Africa


South African Men for South African Women and vise versa. SA women who prefers Nigerian men must migrate to Nigeria. SA men must not be disrespected in their own country."

It look like she really hates foreign nationals with a passion. It look like some people really agree with her. They say a

man marries a woman and a woman takes his surname, the kids also. Hence they will carry the man's nationality and move to the man's country. Other wise the laws regarding citizenship here must change

Someone said, "If you know this Put SouthAfricans First group then you'd know that they praise Apartheid immigration policies and thus have a soft spot for Apartheid ideology

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