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White student wet the property of a black student.

After all these years South Africa is still battling with prejudice, some white people still see blacks as animals. Makes one wonder if we can ever crack this nation-building thing. The problem started with whites coming here and encircled blacks settlements and put put borders and removed their Kings and replaced them with the magistrates and courts. They deny blacks to vote.

Tammy Petersen




Angry students outside Huis Marais at Stellenbosch University, protesting following an incident in which a white student broke into a black student's room at the residence and urinated on his property. "Disgusting," some say.



Our leaders thought they dealt with apartheid but now we are left with it legacy. There are statues of the evil regime all over the country. It is clear we never conquered apartheid.

What he have done, he have angered many black students and they took to the street to protest. Some white people will never us as equals.

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