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"Stop Praising These Criminals" Prisoners Who Obtained 6 Distinctions Left People Talking

A photo of prisoners surfaced on social media and left people talking on the comments section after they noticed what was happening.

Four prisoners were the talk of Twitter after they managed to complete their matriculation exams while incarcerated and received distinctions in six disciplines.

Tweeps went on to stating that Of course they got distinctions. Besides not doing anything for the whole day and getting fed, clothed and educated at our expense what stops them from doing well? Do they have to walk to school? The never go to bed hungry and have electricity 24/7. Stop praising these criminals.

Even though our justice system and the government allow prisoners to access proper education on an equal basis with other citizens, some people feel that criminals do not deserve this luxury and should instead be punished for the wrongs they have committed because they appear to be leading comfortable lives while behind bars.

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