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White girl who Joined the EFF was attacked online by white people. Here's what they said.

The EFF, run by Julius Malema, is known as one of the more controversial parties in South Africa. This is because of their stance on things like race, racism and land expropriation. It's safe to say that they are not supported by many white people, a they directly contradict their lifestyle. So when a White person does support them, South Africa is often shocked. This happened recently and South Africa reacted in a very surprised way. All the details are down below, along with what people had to say.

Who is she :

Jesse Griesel, a student at UCT, recently came out with her intention to run for the student representative Council. She will be doing this under the EFF banner. Below is what is her original tweet on the matter.

She has also covered her goals and intentions in her manifesto below. Where she intends to offer support to students and fight against racism at the same time. Hopefully creating a better Lifestyle for students.

From all the information available we can say that her intentions are nothing but pure. However because this is South Africa, people quickly became toxic online and insults were thrown at the young women. Below is what some people had to say.

Attacked Online :

Calling someone retarded should be especially frowned upon these days as it's a horrible insult.

Attempting to attack a person's education is just sad and uncalled for.

I do hope he's not implying that there is a link between her and the Nazi's.

You can't just assume that people will be racist to those who have a different skin color.

This person has decided to imply that white people are somehow oppressed in South Africa. When not more than thirty years ago they were the oppressor's.

As we can see there is a lot of hatred aimed at this young Woman by her fellow white people because of her lifestyle choice. However supporting the EFF was her choice and according to her manifesto it seems she wants to bring real change. So what do you think, do you support her or not. Tell me in the comments and follow for more lifestyle news daily.

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