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Heartbreaking|| How A Devious husband killed His Heavily Pregnant Wife For Insurance Pay Out

Our world has become a slaughtering ground for an insurance payout as a man killed his pregnant wife for insurance.

An evil husband decided to end the life of his wife and his unborn child so he can pocket insurance policy funds. The devious husband is said to have pushed his wife over a cliff so he can cash on the life insurance. Hakan Aysal tricked his wife to go with him up the cliff to get a self before pushing her down. Now the evil man is appealing and claiming that he is not mentally fit to stand trial.

His home country Penal Court in Turkey gave him a life sentence in February for the murder of his wife who was seven months pregnant at the time of her death. Turkey's law revealed that he will not be eligible for parole for the next thirty years. His wife Semra Aysal is afraid of heights but her husband Aysal forced her to go up a cliff. Upon reaching the beauty spot he kept the poor pregnant wife for three hours before executing his evil plan while everyone was gone. According to the news reports he then used cash from seven Loa and a personal accident insurance policy which he had taken out in his wife's name before her gruesome death, to spend luxuriously before he was caught.

From this story and many others, life insurance should be abolished as people use it for evil purposes. How can a husband who claims to love his wife push her over a cliff together with his flesh, and blood unborn baby for the sake of cashing up on insurance? Now he is claiming to be unfit all of a sudden because his plans have been found and he is facing a jail term. They should be no mercy for such kinds of evil people.

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