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A foreign paster who assaulted and rapped 5 of his congregation got a harsh sentence

The paster who is not originally from South Africa was finally arrested, and yesterday's this pastor appeared in court and he was given the harshest sentence and people on social media were saying they are satisfied with this sentence because it will serve as a lesson to others to not commit such crime.

According to SAfm news, this poster committed these crimes back in 2015 and 2010 and this year he ran out of luck. This poster was sentenced to 37 years "Pretoria High Cour today sentenced. A Congolese paster of 'God is love Ministries', Bafomba Willy Emeka to 37 years in prison for raping and sexually assaulting 5 women of his contribution. The crimes were committed in 2015 and 2018" Reported SAfm.People have shared their thoughts in the comment section. Some Twitter users were worried about South Africans and their obsession with foreign posters "But why SA with foreign pasters? Are we cursed or what?" Asked a sad Twitter user. Some Twitter users were saying some ladies are gullible too much they don't see signs and red flags "Courts ate trying their best, but will South African ladies learn anything from this?" asked a curious Twitter user.

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