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Man Picked up a Lost Wallet See What he Found inside That Left Mzansi Speechless/ Opinion

Its been 27 years since Apartheid was ended. Apartheid was the seperation of white people and black people with the belief that white above were above black people.But 27 years later proof has showed that apartheid is still very much alive in SA .

Until today white people get treated better than black people .Their salaries are higher than that of blacks even if they are doing the same job .They get better service in places such as restaurants and banks while black people get treated badly .White privilege is very much real in SA .

A man picked up a lost wallet and what he found inside it shocked everyone .He found a card for white people written white privilege card .See below.

Basically with this card you can acess certain things that only white people can attain .The card is written that its the colour of your skin that will determine your sucess and not your choices.

We still have a long way to go to achieve equality in SA .Clearly independence was just a piece of paper which never materialised in real life .I believe black should have been harsher in 1994 and took back everything the white people ever stole from them , maybe thrn they will believe that really we are all equal .But you all chose the rainbow nation and look where we are now.White people still believe they are above black people just because of the colour of their skin .

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