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South African women who are smart as a whip

In South Africa men always say women are priorities for they are in the forefront without respite. Yes, they need to be in the forefront, celebrated and taken care of because women went through a lot. Back in the years prior to democracy, African women to be specific, were suppressed by apartheid laws and also by their partners they fell in love with. They were not allowed to have careers in certain fields.

Sorrowfully, too many of them were forced to become women of the house. Their job was to take care of their kids, clean the house and to prepare food while their husbands were out there earning some income. Unluckily, men used to leave their families behind and went to Johannesburg to drudge for the whole year. They only came home in December for only few days and went back to their places of work.

Gone are those days of oppressing women. The apartheid regime was the obstacle to black women's advancement in life. In this day and age they can have any kind of job they want in any profession of their choice.

South African women are smart as a whip. It was difficult to see their brilliance as they were not able to spread their wings because of the then apartheid system. Nowadays tons of them have established their own business enterprises and even empowered other women.

Mother's Day, 16 days of activism against GBV (Gender Based Violence) and women's Day are days that are specially formulated for women. Men complain that even on the calendar there is no day called Men's Day.

Men are not supposed to complain because women suffered a lot while they sat down and did nothing. Women out there still endure physical abuse. Regrettably, others get brutally killed by monsters called men. The truth is that not all men are the same, but because of others who behave barbarically, women regard all of them as monsters. They are monsters because they do not even help when another man is drupping a woman.

Women are vulnerable. They need love and protection. People need to celebrate women each and everyday. They deserve that. It is a good thing for women to be celebrated and cherished like gems.

South African women who are smart as a whip :

1. Refiloe Ledwaba - South Africa's first black helicopter pilot

2. Nozipho Zulu - Instagram star, beauty model and CEO of ZEE

3. Lucinda Backwell - Archaeologist

4. Nozi Langa - Actress, motivational speaker and CEO of Plush Lush Beauty Bar

5. Lerato Kganyago - TV presenter and Radio DJ

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