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Judge Zondo denied Arthur Fraser this after he was suspected for these allegations Arthur Fraser, a former secretary of the (SSA), has been denied authorization to interview some observers who have involved him in the National July Unrest investigation. Raymond Zondo, performing director of the Commission, denied Fraser's solicitation to format SSA leaders Musbukyre Maketuka, Mo Shaik, Rizo Nenje, and the previous State head's primary care physician.

Sydney Mufamadi, seat of the SSA's extensive level audit body. Judge Zondo stated Fraser didn't know what part of the testimony suggested him and that his own statement submitted during the investigation must be recommended under the promise. In any case, it wasn't. "I looked into the entries he (Fraser) submitted, but as I have shown, I'm sure that the candidate (Fraser) doesn't meet the executive requirements in the way in which I have shown. "I will."

Judge Zondo must understand exactly what part of the observer's testimony was identified with him, denied it, and denied what a part of the observer's sworn statement, and Judge Zondo must distinguish his claims. He stated he must have given the full form of the side. He stated that the candidate for the witness interrogation should post to the Commission a complete shape or clarification of the case wherein the candidate was involved.

Judge Zondo expressed that Fraser didn't adhere to the observer's testimony recommendations to understand the specific sections or parts he denied. Zondo likewise expressed that the Fraser form is fragmented without the documentation stated by the SSA, because it should consent to the requirements of the Knowledge Administrations Act. Judge Zondo stated the SSA expressed that Fraser didn't agree with getting the entitled reports.

"He doesn't clarify why he didn't do this. He is attempting to find this board in an affirmation to complete his assertion and provide the council a 10,000 foot view. I have informed you that the report is vital. I can, "clarified Zondo. "In the existing circumstance, I don't have the foggiest concept why posting applicants in me regarding an infringement of the Commission's ideas would assist the Commission's work."


It was a clever move for Judge Zondo denying Arthur Fraser leave after he was investigation for July Unrest in KZN. Please share your thoughts below and follow me for more insightful news

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