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The On strike Workers Seems To Have Asked For The Shooting (see this)

Looking at the issue of protests and many other forms of strikes in general right here in South Africa it is a well-known fact that before engaging into such a formal application should be done and failure to do so and still go do it is illegal, well as illegal as it is it's quite sad to see how a lot of people don't seem to care they still go out there and engage into this illegal strikes and the worst part is that it never cease to end in tears for a lot of them

I mean look at social media now, The issue of municipality workers being shot to dead while engaging on a strike is trending left right and center, so now with all that being that way looking at the deaths who do you think is to be blamed?

I mean, look at the video of the shooting incident here 

Video link :

With the shooting taking place that way don't you think that if there is a group who deserved to be blamed here is that of the protestors? I mean look at it this way they are the one's who approached the security guards at they workplace, And besides that if they did not try shootings at them to try and stop them from gaining acces to the municipality office who know what else could have happened because we now living in times wereby people burn public infrastructures while they at this strikes.

With all this being said what's your perspective of who is the right candidate to be held accountable for this mess as for me as a writer i genuinely think that it's they who were on strike what about you? Please write us some comments in the comments section below and while you are at that please do see to it that you follow my account for further news and updates please 

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