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You cannot believe the condition that the lady was in after he was caught in the graveyard.


Gotten bare close to cemetery

AN old Makoni lady was as of late found stripped early morning near a local area memorial park, a day after an individual resident had been covered.

Gogo Prisca Magondo, who is in her late 80s, was pulled under the steady gaze of Chief Makoni's court to make sense of her activities.

This was Gogo Magondo's second opportunity to show up under the steady gaze of Chief Makoni's court. In the mid 2000s, she was sentenced for black magic.

Notwithstanding, this time around, Gogo Magondo let the court know that on the day being referred to, she had lost her faculties and wound up dozing outside her home.

Her neighbor, Malvern Nyamukomba, said they found Gogo Magondo lying stripped on a way prompting the memorial park where they had covered his little girl the earlier day.

"In the wake of covering my little girl, we returned to the memorial park to play out a few conventional rituals the next morning. A couple of meters from the cemetery, we were stunned to see Gogo Magondo laying there.

"She just had her underskirt on. We defied her and she said she was searching for clearing brushes. In any case, there were no signs or denotes that the grave had been tempered with. We informed Gogo Magondo's sister and her garments were brought," said Nyamukomba.

The town head was cautioned of the turn of events and the Nyamukombas were encouraged to take the issue to Chief Makoni's court.

Despite the fact that Gogo Magondo demanded that she had lost her detects, the customary court indicted her for black magic and requested her family members to lead a purging service for her.

"Our records show that it is your subsequent time showing up under the watchful eye of this court confronting black magic charges. You are not apologizing by any means. A purifying function ought to be finished for you," controlled the cour

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