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Judge Erasmus warned Adv Mpofu against application for a leave to appeal, see what happens

So, Adv. Mpofu proposed today, that common law should be developed where rescission application is treated the same way as an application for a leave to appeal. I love how he labelled his own primary argument as a “Conspiracy Theory” and his argument as a “Fairy Tale” guess that sums up all his arguments ever made. What would be the purpose of appeal courts if people would appeal via rescission applications, and how will matters ever be finalized under such arrangement? Mpofu, remember is the same guy who “kept ubaba out of prison for the day" only for ubaba to be jailed, for real

Mpofu is a politician man. it's honestly not funny ..but seeing someone talking through his neck ..and courts saying 'okay..hmm it does not make sense.but I'll indulge you is sickening and disheartening. No other human gets away with what he is currently doing. He deserves all the cost orders in the world.

What a stupid idea that will add a layer of time-wasting in court processes with little prospects of success. Dali knows he represents the Stalingrad disciples like Zuma and Busi. Dali wa swabisa mean! I don’t know why he has to allow himself to be reduced to such moronic levels by Busisiwe Mokhwebane! I mean, what is it for? Fees? It Can’t be fees. It’s sorrowful to see @AdvDali_Mpofu peeing on his professional legal reputation like that. 

And every country in the world exists an Apex Court. There needs to be an end to litigation. You cannot continue to appeal appeal appeal until kingdom comes, and you get the result you want. Justice will never be served. There is such a thing as vexatious litigation.


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