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Video of an African woman plating a white girl had whites and blacks arguing about racism.

Since a video of an African woman applying a plating on a white girl went popular on Twitter, there has been much discussion on the topic. Tweeting, "Bro, I'm in tears, she is in pain" Shannon Sharpee's buddy shared the 28-second clip with the world. In the clip, a little girl can be seen crying as a woman braids her hair. And while black people were accusing white people of racism, white people were saying that black people were just black fishing. Nobody's forcing anybody to do anything, they said; if they didn't want to wear cornrows, it was their own choice.

"Black people complain about racism 24/7 then jump on the first opportunity to be racist"

My my life I've desired my hair looked like this. I think it would help me connect more deeply with the black community, which is something I really value. I think I would look great, too."

Somehow, having your hair pulled on by your stylist when it's not required is a traumatic experience for black people? Why does the fact that a young lady desires a certain hairstyle entail that she must suffer for your sake? Should black women consequently always run the danger of burns when they have their hair straightened?


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