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What's Wrong With Black South Africans See What They were Spotted Doing that Caused Outrage/Opinion


A few months ago when the lootings were happening the People of phoenix came together and killed black people .Innocent people were killed during the process.The DA instead of condemning such behaviour they have come out to say Phoenix people are heroes .

How is one considered a hero for killing innocent unarmed people is what we fail to understand. Its almost election time and the DA are just trying to get votes from the indians and the people of phoenix thats why they are branding killers as heroes.

What confused us even worse is why are black people behind John of the DA Supporting everything he says .How can a normal black person support that the indians are heroes for killing one of their own .

Clearly the black people were paid to do this otherwise no normal black person would stand there and agree that black people deserved to be slaughtered like chickens by the Indians .

Its dissapointing to see what black people doing .We are suppose to stand together and support one another. But instead blacks are easily sold out by money .On top of that the DA is just using them for personal interests , should one of them be involved in a situation like the Phoenix massacre they would leave them to die there.

When will black people learn that white people will never have their best interests at heart .Look at what Happenedto Mmusi Maimane. After they were done using him they spitted him out like chewing gum .

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