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Zondo commission backs off from fighting Jacob Zuma

Generally, the three gatherings are contending the parole was unreasonable, and Fraser violated the imprint and misconstrued the demonstration which awards him the forces to singularly parole prisoners who are sick. This was after Fraser openly conceded that the interior clinical parole board decided that Zuma was in a steady condition, subsequently, he was unable to meet all requirements to be liberated on clinical grounds. 

Zondo commission backs off from challenging Jacob Zuma's medical parole (

Around then Zuma was carrying out a 15-month punishment for hatred of the Constitutional Court and he was imprisoned at Estcourt jail in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands before being conceded to a tactical emergency clinic where he keeps on being dealt with. 

Yet, the Zondo Commission on Wednesday said it was as of now not inspired by the matter. 


Ramaphosa on Jacob Zuma parole – Fraser is qualified to settle on the choice 

AfriForum records court papers to survey Zuma discharge 

Zondo demands three additional months to complete work, yet will not be calling observers 

"The Commission has noticed that the DA and AfriForum have each dispatched separate applications in the Gauteng Division of the High Court to challenge the legitimateness of the choice of the Commissioner of Correctional Services to give Mr. Jacob Zuma clinical parole. In every one of those applications, the Commission has been referred to as one of the respondents. 

"The Commission wishes to declare that it won't be partaking in any of the procedures. It has taught the State Attorney to convey a notification to the Registrar of the Court and different gatherings that the Commission will withstand the choice of the Court. At this stage the Commission is focussing on wrapping up its work and finishing its report," the Zondo commission said in an assertion on Wednesday. 

The high court is yet to mark the calendar for the case which every one of the three candidates encouraged was pressing as any postponements could see Zuma profiting from what they named an illicit and nonsensical choice by Fraser.Zondo commission backs off from challenging Jacob Zuma's medical parole (

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