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BREAKING NEWS: She was allegedly a side woman for 17 years before she was killed by Zulu

According to new evidence circulating on Twitter, the lady slain by Major Bekezulu's business partner Hlehle was a side chick for 17 years. Conversations between Hlehle and Zulu shed light on her role as a side chick.

In spite of this, justice was served, but the man's family and some on social media felt that he was not adequately punished for the crime he had committed. Brutal murder after sexism and brutality towards women.

In front of her family, Major Bekezulu shot and murdered the lady he had been assaulting for the last six years, as she tried to exit an abusive relationship.

Hlehle's family is still reeling from the trauma of what happened to their daughter when the defendant, who has a long history of domestic violence against the victim, was granted an arbitrary R50 000 bond.

In my family, I'd never expected to witness such a thing, but I'm glad to hear that justice has been served. I've seen it on television, social media, and in the lives of other people. As if it were a dream, I long to wake up and watch my daughter's face light up with joy.

The wounds and marks on the woman's body are said to have been caused by the suspect whipping her with whatever object he had at the time. Following her exhaustion and decision to expose the guy, a video of the lady who had been injured was also shared.

Social media users have posted screenshots of their communication as well as videos and images of her bruised body. Her body was marred by scars and blemishes. If you want to avoid more abuse, get out of toxic situations as soon as you receive the first slap.


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