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GOOD NEWS For Zandile Mafe As He Gets Another Shot At Freedom After CONFUSING CASE


After been held custody by the police, it seems something good is coming for Zandile Mafe.The Western Cape Supreme Court is expected to reconsider a motion for the release of suspected parliament arsonist Zandil Mafe next week. National Attorney General (NPA) spokesman Eric Ntabazalila said the bail request would be reviewed on Monday.

A third judge has been appointed and an appeal on bail will be heard on May 30, 2022. In April, Judges James Leculeni and Judges Daniel Tulare heard Marathon's arguments about the bail appeal and the decision on hold. Ntabazalila said on Monday that the parties had been informed that the arguments would be re-examined.

Mafe is accused of stealing homes with terrorist intent and committing arson, arson, terrorism and theft. In April, during a motion for leave to appeal against the denial of bail, Mafe volunteer lawyer Dali Mpofu SC argued that Mafe's constitutional right to freedom had been denied.

Principal Counsel Mervin Menigo informed the court that, after considering the evidence and attorney's arguments, he was correct in finding that the applicant did not apply to the court in exceptional circumstances that would have allowed his release on bail.

Meanwhile, the case against Mafe was adjourned to June 9 by the Magistrates Court of Cape Town after Menigo told the court that a final damages report would be ready for Parliament by May 20. He also told the court that the crime scene and arson reports would be finalized soon.

Menigo's lawyer added that if the accused is charged with terrorism, all outstanding reports will be ready and a warrant deed will be required.

He also assured the court that charges would be brought against the accused and his case would be referred to the Western Cape Supreme Court the next time he appears in court. Judge Ronel Oliver spoke on behalf of the state, saying it was in the interests of the judiciary to allow a delay. He demanded that the charges be ready for use by June 9.

Source: News24

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