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Charge: Murder State Versus Moses OPINION

Judge enters inside the court room and a court official stand up and scream: Arise, and the people stood up from their seats, and the judge took his seat; and official said, you may be seated, and all seated.

State Prosecutor:  : My lord, as the state we brought forth a Murder case which took place in Egypt and the accused person brutally killed a person and buried in the ground to hide the evidence, my lord, and we have a witness who is placed under witness protection, and we request the court to allow him to be called Mr X for his safety and security.

Judge                      : so how Mr X going to give his oral evidence or have you counsels agreed on how Mr X will best give evidence?

Defence                 : My Lord, we agreed that he can go ahead and give his evidence behind closed doors.

State Prosecutor   : My lord, I concur with my learned colleague.

Judge                      : so counsel where your witness and can is we proceed?

State Prosecutor   : My lord, we may proceed because Mr X he is already here and seated at designated area.

Judge                      Counsel, you may proceed with your line of question.

State Prosecutor   : As it please the court, Mr X, can you hear me?

Mr X                       : Yes counsel, I can hear you loud and clear.

State Prosecutor   : Mr X, you don’t have to tell us in details of who you are, but the court will at some point need more details, and will put questions to you to get clarity, do you understand?

Mr X                       : Yes my lord, I do understand.

State Prosecutor   : Mr X, do you know the accused person.

Mr X                       : Yes, I do know him.

State Prosecutor   : How do you know him?

Mr X                       : My lord, I know him very well because we were all staying at Egypt although he was staying with the Egyptians, but I was staying at Goshen with all the Israelites. Genesis 47 (KJV): 5-6

State Prosecutor   : Mr X, is it all you know about the accused person?

Mr X                       : No my lord, I know he is Moses.

State Prosecutor   : so can you tell this court what happened on the day a man in Egypt lost his life?

Mr X                       : Yes my lord, it was during the day and we were doing our duties as we normally do for king Pharaoh when one of our masters came with a cane, and started beating one of our brothers. Exodus 1: 11

State Prosecutor   : Mr X, you are talking about your brother and your master, can you tell the court who are these people you are talking about?

Mr X                       : My lord, the brother was my Hebrew fellow man and my master was an Egyptian man who was watching over us, that we were doing the work required from us.

State Prosecutor   : Mr X, and what happened next?

Mr X                       : My lord, I saw Moses approaching the Egyptian master and they had an argument, and the next thing they fought and the master fell, and my lord, I believe he was dead because Moses dug a whole and buried him. Exodus 1: 11-12 (KJV)

State Prosecutor   : Where you alone when this killing of a human being took place?

Mr X                       : No, my lord, we were many but people are afraid of Moses.

State Prosecutor   : What do you mean when you say, people are afraid of the accused?

Mr X                       : My lord, this man once spoke the word, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed them up, and their houses, and all the men that appertained unto Korah, and all their goods. Numbers 16: 31-32.

Defence                 : Objection my lord, my learned colleague is wasting courts time because we are here for murder, and not the witness tale stories.

Judge                      : Counsel I don’t know what you are going with this line of questioning, but remember we are not here for earth swallowing people, but Murder, please refrain your witness from going all over and stick to the case at hand.

State Prosecutor   : As it please the court. Mr X please stick to the case at hand and you may continue, and you were telling us of how the accused dug the hole and hid the dead body.

Mr X                       : My lord, the following day again Moses came to us and he found two Hebrews fighting with one another and he wanted to reprimand them, but the one who started the fight said, Do you also want to kill me Moses like you killed the Egyptians, and that’s when Moses ran away from. Exodus 1: 13-16 (KJV)

State Prosecutor   : so you mean the accused ran away because he realised that, everyone knew that he killed a human being?

Mr X                       : Yes, my lord.

State Prosecutor   : No further questions my lord.

Judge                      : Counsel, are you going to cross examine the witness?

Defence                 : My lord, I am not going to waste courts time with this witness, but I will like to call Moses on the stand to give his side of the story.

Judge                      : Alright then, you may call your client.

Defence                 : Moses, you heard what the witness said about you, so what do you have to say for the allegations and accusations?

Moses                    : My lord, I already attended the trial concerning this matter at the higher court so I have nothing to say.

Defence                 : so you mean you were charged for this very same act?

Moses                    : True my lord, on Jude 1: 9 (KJV); yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil, the Lord rebuked the devil to quit bringing accusations against me, and he declared me innocent, and another thing this incident took place in Egypt.

Defence                 : My lord, I want the court to withdraw and acquit my client on two basis: in terms of Criminal Procedure Act 51 of 1977 section 110 subsection 2 the court does not have jurisdiction to try this offence,

 Defence                     Secondly to withdraw this case due Criminal Procedure Act 51 of 1977 section 342 A subsection 2 (a) this case should have been brought to court long time ago, so I plead with the court to withdraw this case. I thank you.

Judge                      : Counsel, do you have anything to say?

State Prosecutor   : My lord, the fact of the matter someone was brutally killed by the accused.

Judge                      : No counsel, I am not going to entertain that, it is clear from the witness that, this took place in Egypt, and the delay to this trial is too long and unreasonable, and lastly if God on Jude 1: 9 found Moses not guilty of any wrong doing so who am I to judge on this matter; this is my decision: the case is withdrawn and the accused is acquitted. You are free to go Moses. Court adjourn.

Do you think the acquittal of Moses from Murder which took place in Exodus 1: 11-12 (KJV) by God on Jude 1: 9 fair and justifiable? He even has access to heaven when all does not check Matthew 17: 3-5 he was in the company of Jesus Christ and Elijah who was taken to heaven alive on 2 King 2: 11 by a chariot of fire and horses of fire.

(Images attached are for illustration purposes and I downloaded them from Google)

Lord Jesus Christ is God


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