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A White South African Woman spoke out about how her family members killed people during Apartheid.

The period of apartheid in South Africa was a dark chapter in the country's history. A period in history when people of color not only faced discrimination but also extreme violence. Only recently has a white South African woman spoken publicly about this, revealing that members of her own family committed murder during the country's apartheid era. 

You may watch her tell about the atrocities performed by two relatives in a video she posted to the social media platform TikTok by clicking the link below. Before I go any further, let me emphasize that she does not endorse this at all; rather, she is merely trying to emphasize the realities that people of color faced under apartheid. She begins by recalling a beloved ancestor who has died away. As far as she is concerned, he murdered a kid and got away with it. Although, strictly speaking, it was an accident. 

She then describes another member of her family, this one much older. The man boasted that he had a human skull on his coffee table and that he had killed numerous people. She concludes by expressing her frustration with the general public for wanting to put apartheid behind them. Read on for my thoughts or to view her video. 

To remember just how terrible Apartheid was, I'm grateful that this woman has chosen to speak publicly about her family's involvement in it. Still, I'm hopeful that we can put the past behind us and move forward now that people like her have spoken out against it. 

Because of its significance in shaping our nation's history, apartheid education should be mandatory for every South African. Having this information at our disposal should help us go forward positively.


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