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KFC gets closed down as locals protest, foreign nationals are in trouble

On Monday the 25th of January 2021, Gauteng residents woke up in an uncompromising mode as they felt they should claim what belongs to them.

At a time when economic hardships are affecting millions in South Africa, unemployment has become a major case of concern. Unemployment is said to have reached record highs while the coronavirus pandemic and economic recession take their toll on the masses.

Local citizens feel that the government is not coming to their aid on all fronts and today they decided to reclaim what they think rightfully belongs to them.

A video has gone viral which is showing the scenes at a KFC outlet in the Gauteng Province. At this outlet, there was a group of residents who were singing and dancing after it was reported that the fast food outlet had been closed down.

The residents are said to be local citizens from Soweto who have marched in numbers and have closed down a KFC store in Diepkloof. They are accusing the management of hiring foreign nationals at the expense of local citizens. Unemployment in the Gauteng Province is said to have hit it's record highs since the year 1994 and the residents are saying enough is enough.

Being a waiter at KFC does not require any special skills and they feel like there are multitudes of locals who can fill in the post. With the cake getting smaller, local residents are demanding to be the first ones to be taken whenever there are job openings.

Embedded video

The problems facing South Africa have been persistent for a while now. If the situation is left uncontrolled, it can eventually turn out to become xenophobic attacks. Years ago, similar cases ended up with so many fatalities and the authorities should devise ways to contain the situation.

The government is often blamed for being relaxed in controlling the boarders as so many undocumented immigrants easily walk into the country.


You can click this link to watch the video of the scenes at the KFC outlet.


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