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Opinion - Steenhuisen's comments about "vigilante justice" as "law and order

I see the DA is doubling down on its support for the mass-murder that took place in Phoenix where 36 people, including a child of 3 years, were murdered.

What I also find worth noting about the interview with that chop John Steenhuisen is that he starts to deploy clear fascist rhetoric as he doubles down.

One of the things historians note about fascist paradigm is that things start to become presented in an upside-down, nonsensical fashion. Down is up, up is down. War is peace, freedom is oppression, truth is falsehood, etc.

Steenhuisen's comments about "vigilante justice" as "law and order" is a perfect example of far-right rhetoric that has crossed the proverbial line in the sand into fascist territory. The perpetrators are the victims, the victims are the perpetrators. The murderers were enacting justice, not committing atrocities.

On the other News we have this - After #zumamustfall protest,sell out took a chopper and landed in Nkandla for green tea party,today he want us to listen to him and to treat him as a the most ligitimate person.This pictures does tell the nation who is sell out and the explanation of being flip flop.

We understand that politics is a dirty game,but we don't agree with politician who is playing dirty games with poor people and think we are the fools.We are ready to reject him and to treat him as dishonest person,sell out and crook.

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