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Parade protest


WATCH| Pretoria Is Burning As Protesters Start Fire And Dump Garbage On The Streets



South Africans are always embarking on a national protest. If they are not protesting against mandatory vaccines, it is a protest for service delivery.

For instance, in October 2017, then DA leader Mmusi Maimane and his followers marched to the homes of the Gupta family and the home of former President Jacob Zuma. A few months earlier, the ANC marched to Patricia De Lille's home, demanding that she pays back the money for security upgrades.

Protests have become the results of citizens' desperation and lack of confidence in the country's government. These protests end up chaotic, as some people loot and destroy infrastructure.

At the same time, they mourn when they are told that the South African society is violent and believes in handouts. They stand to cause irreparable damage that will take centuries to fix. When the masses are not happy, the selective manner in which they desperately want to see service delivery or rather their demands met has resulted in untenable chaos.


Municipal workers have taken to the streets of Tshwane to demand an increase in their wages. What was meant to be a peaceful protest has resulted in them damaging roads by throwing garbage bags around the streets of Tshwane.

Not just that, they have also burned tires on the streets, and they have no intention to stop until the government hears them out and give them what they seek.



It is horrifying to see how many people have normalized infrastructural damage and causing decay. The masses are always falling for the trappings of looting when things do not go their way. Life is harsh in many areas. There is poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, displacement, lack of infrastructure, and basic needs. Destroying what the government has built for its people will not help anyone.

We should abolish freebies. Employed people should be grateful for their salaries. Life is difficult as it is. The way things are today is the reason we will struggle to build a developmental state.

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