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11 Pictures + Videos, Durban and KZN in chaos as the Free Zuma Protest occurs

Durban and Parts of Kwazulu Natal has descended into chaos as the Free Zuma Protest occurs. This protest is being done by supporters of Zuma who want him out of prison. Below I will go through all the implications of this disastrous event along with .. pictures and videos from the scene.

People Truly Love Zuma :

You may be wondering why so many people have joined in this protest and it's because a lot of people truly love Jacob Zuma. His supporters believe that he has done a lot for them and they are willing to bring KZN to standstill in support of him. It's also believe that he didn't get a fair trial and many people who support him are calling for that. While many don't believe he has done any good, the number of supporters he has does make you wonder if we know the full story.

Current situation :

As you'll see in the images, the current situation features chaos, looting and burning. People are destroying property, blocking roads and looting as Durban starts to look like a scene out of a war movie. They are very determined to get to their goal of freeing Jacob Zuma and they will do anything and everything they can during the process. Unfortunately that's bad news for people just trying to go about their day as these protests cause inconvenience they did not need.

Danger Level :

While no deaths or injuries have currently been reported, as far as I know, it is advised that people stay as far away from the protect as possible. The situation is dangerous, not because the people are harmful, but because their is a lot of chaos and destruction of property as well as fires. This leads to a situation where injuries can occur at anytime. So until the situation passess, do not enter the Area. To see video of the Situation, click on the source links.

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