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'How I killed Nosicelo' – Full horror of suitcase murder revealed

Court proceedings at the East London high court came to a teary ending as her killer narrated how he had killed her and dismembered her body. 

 Nosicelo’s father, Kholisile, wept as he heard the gruesome details in the confession and letter of apology penned by her murderer.

On Tuesday, Alutha Pasile was found guilty of killing the University of Fort Hare law student in a jealous rage.

He then packed her dismembered body parts into a suitcase and a black bag and left them on the pavement on the corner of Fleet Street and Fitzpatrick Road in Quigney in August.

Curious passers-by looked inside the suitcase and made the horrific discovery. They alerted the police.

Two women described the man who had carried the case and bag to the pavement, and directed investigators to Pasile’s house.

In his plea, read by his attorney Ncumisa Dyantyi, Pasile pleaded guilty to the murder of his girlfriend in August 2021 and defeating the ends of justice.

He told the court he had killed Nosicelo by stabbing her and smashing her head against the wall while she struggled, fighting for her life.

NPA regional spokesperson Anelisa Ngcakani, in a statement, said Nosicelo had visited her home in Matatiele on August 1 and returned seven days later.

“When she returned Pasile stated that her behaviour was perculiar as she changed the password to her phone.”

On August 16, while enjoying an evening of drinking together, Pasile noticed that Nosicelo paid more attention to her cellphone than him.

“He confronted her and the two argued. The following day, while she was in the bathroom, he managed to crack her new code and saw ‘I love you’ and ‘I miss you’ messages.

“Pasile stated that he confronted Mtebeni and that she instead attempted to take her cellphone from him.”

Admitting to the crime, Pasile said: “I stabbed her and pushed her against the wall after she fought back. Then she fell and died when her head hit the floor.”

He said an online video had shown him exactly how to dismember her body and pack it into suitcases.

Forensic pathologist Dr Solomon Zondi later detailed how she had been stabbed at least three times in the head, body and neck.

She died when her neck eventually snapped from the repeated violent trauma of being bashed against the wall.

He said Pasile had broken Nosicelo’s nose and left her body covered in bruises sustained by “massive force”.

Zondi also detailed how Pasile had cut off Nosicelo’s head and hands and kept them in his bedroom, separate from the other body parts, in an effort to conceal her identity. Her body had been cut into seven separate sections.

Pasile said he had smoked tik (crystal methamphetamine) to give him “strength and courage”.

Investigating officer detective Mbulelo Njoli said Pasile had gone to a hardware store where he bought a hacksaw, which he used to cut up Nosicelo’s body, as well as latex gloves, bleach and paint to conceal evidence and hide his identity.

Njoli described how the couple’s one-room flat was awash with blood, with splatters covering the floor and walls.

He said Pasile had started covering his tracks by washing off some bloodstains and painting over others.

In his confession, Pasile described how he had to smoke tik on the first night of the murder to keep awake, while Nosicelo’s dead body lay on the floor near him. He said it had taken him three days to cut up her body and dump the parts.

The suitcase and bag were found and he was apprehended before he was able to cover his tracks.

The court had to be adjourned because of Kholisile’s uncontrollable sobbing while trying to respond to Pasile’s letter of apology.

He told the court: “I will never forgive him for killing her and robbing me of the chance ever to see my daughter again while his parents will still be able to see him.”


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