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RIP: South Africa Woman Shot Dead By Ex 8 Times - See Why He Did That

SA woman was shot "EIGHT times by ex" after she sued him for rape. 

When some dummy asks why a woman wouldn't say something if she was sexually assaulted, show them this horrible case... 

It makes you want to throw up. The Private Prosecution Unit of AfriForum has taken on a sad case because SAPS was said to have "abandoned the victim" and ignored her human rights. This woman, who has not been named, has been abused in shocking ways. 


Barry Bateman, who is in charge of communications for the lobbying group, confirmed that the woman made a rape claim against her ex-partner last year. But the wheels of justice didn't move, and just five weeks later, the man is said to have tried to get even in a cruel and horrible way. 

In September 2021, when the victim got home from work, Mbongisene Zwane was reportedly waiting for her with a gun. He is accused of shooting his ex-girlfriend eight times and then leaving her for dead. She miraculously made it through this horrible ordeal. 

But that wasn't the end of her pain. After Zwane was shot, it's thought that she tried to get into her hospital bed. Thanks to COVID-19's rules, he couldn't get to where he was supposed to go and "finish the job." 

After the rape and attempted murder, Afriforum jumped to the victim's defense. 

The woman, who was always a fighter, then opened a second case with Cleveland SAPS. She did this with the same investigating officer and gave the department Zwane's name, ID, and location. Still, it's hard to believe that this wasn't enough to make an arrest. 

This has made the traumatized woman have to "live in hiding," while the person who is thought to have done this is still free. This survivor felt like she had tried everything with SAPS, so she went to AfriForum with her problems. Now, AfriForum is putting pressure on SAPS to come up with a good answer. 

The client is now being represented by lawyer Gerrie Nel. As a first step, he wrote to Gauteng's Provincial Commissioner to make sure that a full and thorough investigation is done. Needless to say, the police response made The Bulldog very angry. 

"The long arm of the law has no reason not to have made an arrest in this case. He is a well-known person to the client, so she was able to figure out that he was the one who hurt her. The SAPS has given up on all of our client's basic rights without any shame. 


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