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After the revelation of new rights of Rapists and unmarried men, women were breathing fire

Many people didn't know that after a woman got rapped and got pregnant according to the institution the father of the child that is a product of rape is allowed to be part of the child's life, does matter if he is in jail or he got out jail. The report also revealed that unmarried men have certain rights. This information left many women livid on social media platforms because they feel like rape is being promoted, and unmarried men are given props for playing with women and dump them like dirt.

"Constitutional court has ruled that an unmarried father has the right to register his child under his surname without the consent of the mother or without the mother being present. Recruiting chief justice Mogoeng Mogoeng has warned that even rapists who are curious about the baby who is born as a result of their act of violence will be able to go to the department of home affairs, and register the child under their surname" Reported Blessings Ramoba Blog.This news left women furious and livid. Women hopped into the comment section and call the South African institution useless "This is bull Sh**t Nje" angrily said a livid woman.

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