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"He's got a mind of an elephant" Rosemary's lawyer in hot water as he was roasted by the judge

People in a day to day basis commit crimes in the name of making money. While some crimes are minor and can be resolved within a matter of minutes, some are big and needs proper investigation.

Rosemary Ndlovu still remains a suspect of the murder of her family members and she is ac used number one or one can say she is the prime suspect.

Untill proven guilty, she is still innocent in the eyes of the law, even though everything is there showing that she was Indeed involved in the murder of her family members.

She recently appeared in got once again and this time around her lawyer was on the receiving end of questioning from the judge and honestly is very had to be Rosemary', s lawyer as you will be arguing with proven statements and evidence.

The lawyer no longer new what to say anymore and this does not look on Rosemary's side as she could end up in jail for all that she is been accused for.

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Rosemary Ndlovu


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