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Goodnews For Zandile Mafe This Morning As He Gets Another Shot At Freedom, See What Happened


Finally, some good news has been announced about Zandile Christmas Mafe, the alleged Parliament arsonist and prime suspect in the alleged arson. After a series of court trials, Zandile Mefe underwent a psychiatric evaluation to assess his mental state and was found to be in good health. The good news for Zandile Mafe is that he has finally received a court hearing seeking bail to see his family again [ Read more ].

Due to a suspected Covid-19 infection, Zandile Mafe was order by the court to quarantine and get tested in order to protect the lives of others who will be attending the court meeting. After successfully testing negative, Zandile Mafe can finally apply for bail this morning and probably get approved by the Court.

Source: IOL.CO.ZA

The suspected arsonist, Zandil Mafe, is expected to apply for bail at Cape Town District Court on Saturday (January 29). Defenders of Mafe had previously tried to apply for bail but were thwarted. Last week, the application was delayed by seven days because the defendant had contracted COVID-19 and was in isolation while in Valkenberg.

The National Public Prosecutor's Office (NPA) has confirmed that the defendant will apply for bail at Court A of the Cape Town District Court at 10 a.m. on Saturday. Mafe was first arrested on December 2 for allegedly setting Parliament on fire. The state initially accused the 49-year-old man of robbery, double arson, possession of explosive devices and destruction of basic infrastructure.

Mafe has since been referred by a court of judges to Valkenberg for psychiatric monitoring after the state issued a report accusing the accused of suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. Mafe's defense successfully challenged the transfer and was dismissed as illegal by the Cape Town Supreme Court on January 18.

The state has also "repeated" Mafe's accusations more than once; He is now accused of breaking into the parliament with terrorist intent and has committed arson, terrorism and theft. The more serious charges pressured Mafe's defense to refute and provided extraordinary reasons why the accused should be released on bail.

What are your thoughts concerning this case?

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