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Parade protest


In Paraguay, the streets are filled with protestors, who are upset with government corruption

In Paraguay it looks like this century could be conveniently known as the century of demonstrations and protests. Never before have so many countries undergoing this kind of predicament. Really unprecedented.

People have to get rid of "rulers" and have only servants in governments. They are there to have a livable salary & serve the public that improves society.No longer will they be allowed to be henchmen for corporations amassing billions in tax-free jurisdictions.

There is no difference between a police officer and a politician. But our generation grew up seeing politicians as the top class of the society when they are supposed to be just public servants not better or even meant to earn higher than a professional or a police.

Others are saying that in South Africa the corrupt control everything, from media to judiciary, they are able to point those who block their agenda as corrupt. And media will run the story, but no one will be arrested.

Residents of South Africa are saying that in South Africa corrupt individuals have a huge support. Even when they appear in court for their corruption cases people come in thousands to give them support.

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