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OPINION | It is a right for workers to strike if the company is doing something wrong


Sometime you wonder how people thinks, especially this unions jobs are scarces and companies are shutting down. There is no money now, some companies are struggling to make money. In Alexandra thousands of people are jobless because of july unrest and looting. Imagine ANC officials are struggling to get salaries and its December now kids will be in need of christmas clothes and food, Iam telling you this is not the time to live your lavish lifestyles. That little job you have with that smaller salary keep it safe so that you could survive is bad outside there

But when workers strike they dont burn down their place of work. Striking is legal and a human right as we never had human rights during segregation people must now practice there right to strike whem wage negotiations dead lock. In this case the company wanna take R2000 away from their salaries. Surely thats a reason to tools down, thats very illegal, now hat jobs are scares thats the advantage that you taking by cutting salaries with R2000, the little that they earn is nothitng compare to millions that they will loose. Good job to the workers because these shareholders are too greedy. They busy chasing being on the first spot of the richest man on earth through slave wage, I'm fully behind the workers. Retrenchment of 1500 workers, now they strike, like it will make the situation better. Pandemic, lockdowns, loadshedding, fuel prices, taxes, all factor in, more is coming and people will realize that unions has long since expired. Its better not to have a job, rather than have one but can't afford anything transport, food etc are expensive now. Those workers they should strike, especially when they life cost doesn't balance with the salary everything it's increasing accept salaries let's be realistic

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