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Parade protest


Today's Protests have started to turn violent as companies are being attacked.

The Protests have started again today and it seems that what was expected to be a non violent protest, for workers to get a raise, has quickly turned into a violent act. I have received an exclusive video from inside the protest of the events currently taking place. Below you can watch the video and see what people had to say about it.

The Protests have started again :

After the events that took place in July, citizens are very weary about protest action because they never know what it's going to turn into. A new video from inside the protest, which you can watch down below, shows that they might have been right. Here's what happens in it.

In the video we see workers gathered outside what is allegedly a company in the Phoenix industrial area. These workers are are being very loud and it seems like they are looking for trouble. That's confirmed when they all collectively attack the gate and push it down, leaving the company vulnerable to attack. That's where the video ends. To watch it click the link below or keep reading to see what others had to say about it.

While many called out the gate manufacturers for it going down so easily, there was a large group of people attacking it.

While people are justified in expecting people to be paid more. The destruction of property is never justified, even if it's become common in South Africa.

A lot of people expressed sentiments of what happened in July and hope it does not happen again.

One person decided to turn this fairly non racial protest into a racial one by blaming Indians for this. Sadly, race seems to be brought into every issue in this Country.

As the protest continues we ask that people stay safe and out of areas that have protest action to keep yourself safe. We hope that the situation doesn't grow more violent how however we will keep you updated if it does. Tell me what you think of these observations in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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