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"We Will Hunt Them Like Animals They Are" As Zimbabweans Trend On Twitter After They Did This

On Wednesday, the organization petitioned the Gauteng High Court for the Zimbabweans' permanent residency cards, which are set to expire in November 2021. Along with the application for local citizenship, the organization has requested South African ID papers based on permanent presence in Mzansi and in accordance with the Immigration Act and the Identification Act.

A further appeal to the court sought a review of Home Affairs' decision not to renew residency permits knowing that the permit holders had known no other home except South Africa for more than ten years. It is also argued that holders of Zimbabwean Exemption Permits have a fair expectation of renewing their existing permit, permanent residency without additional limitations, and the ability to seek for citizenship in the Republic of South Africa, the court statement stated. According to Zimbabwean Advocate Simba Chitando, immigration from the neighboring nation have consistently contributed to South Africa's riches.

Zimbabweans are entitled to banking services as well as retirement benefits. According to Chitando the problem faced by hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans in SA is that they have been here for 10 years or longer under a variety of different permits, and it is generally acknowledged that they make a huge contribution to the SA economy.

South Africans were not happy about the actions of the Zimbabweans, they were furious on twitter after a lady by the name of 'Victoria Africa' posted a video on twitter about how unhappy she is that the Zimbabweans use SA courts courts to fight for the land that is not theirs.

Here are some the comments of angry South Africans and Zimbabweans standing their ground on twitter.

The comments continued and the matter got worse.

The last comment by 'KingJosh' is disturbing as he tweets "We will hunt them like Animals they are." This is really sad because in this world no one owns anything, we all came to this world with nothing and will leave the the world with nothing so lets treat each other like brothers and sisters regardless of our nationality. No one decides where they want to be born, you just find yourself born in a country that you are in and we all face challenges so the least we can do is to be kind to each other.

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