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Rosemary 's sister speaks up after the verdict:Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu Found Guilty

On the 22nd October 2021, Rosemary Ndlovu appeared in cour and was found guilty of most charges. During the court a news reporter Lindokuhle Xulu was at Joyce's house in Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga watching. After the court adjourned, Lindokuhle interviewed Joyce and asked her a few questions. He asked how was Nomia when they grew up then the sister Joyce, answered by saying that with the 5 years gap they had,her sister was a great person, they gre up well and she did not think that oneday she will turn out like this. She was also asked about what questions will she ask her sister if she gets the opportunity to, she answered by saying that : "I would ask her why did she want to kill me and my children, she knows I had nothing and my kids mean the world to me. These kids are a blessing from God and they are essentially her sister's kids too. One day they would have to grow up and do something for her too, but she wanted to cut their lives short ". Oh! What a painful statement. It is true that your sister's kids are indeed your own kids too. Who does that? Nomia was selfish to have thought of doing that to her struggling sister just to bennefit from her death. I mean, she is struggling, on the other hand her sister wanted to make money in exchange of her life. She was heartless to have even took that initiative. Joyce also mentioned that she saw a video from the community members that showed her sister who bought petrol on her way to kill her. She also mentioned that what her sister planned about her life, and those murders she committed is scary, and painful. She's struggling to come to terms with all those people they lost in a family because of her sister. She mentioned that it was unacceptable. Xulu also asked her if she would like to be in court during her sister's sentencing, she responded by saying" I won't mind coming as I am free at all times. She also mentioned that her family must not blame her for anything because she did not report anyone or opening any case against her sister, she does not even know the police station where this was reported or even been in Johannesburg. Whatever it is that her sister is found guilty of has nothing to do with her, whatever sentencing she will be getting, it will be of what she did not what she wanted.

"it seems like Joyce is still terrified and afraid of what the family will say, who knows? Maybe they are already pointing fingers at her because why would anyone blame her? Rosemary is guilty and she has to pay. Murdering 6 people and fraud is a very serious crime.The family might be blaming Joyce since she's the only one talking to the media, even though her sister was not found guilty of attempting to kill her, but she did try to kill her. Ther mother's case was also one on those counted and it was of attempted murder eventhough, the mother denied that her daughter tried to kill her. Maybe that is the reason why Joyce is saying she must not be blamed, her own mother tried protecting her sister even after she was nearly murdered.

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