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Vigilantes trying to deport foreigners warned, But Lux Still firing Shots At Foreigners to Leave


Those attempting to deport aliens have been urged not to take the law into their own hands.

In Seshego, vigilante groups went door-to-door demanding those they suspected of being undocumented migrants to leave the country by February 2nd.

Only the police and government law enforcement organizations have the right to deport anyone, according to police.

Nhlanhla "Lux" Dlamini has emerged as one of the people leading anti-migrant protests this week.Dlamini took a bus from Soweto to Sandton on Saturday with a group of individuals. He organized protests outside a retail center there, demanding that eateries in Sandton City hire exclusively locals.

He focused his attention on foreigners living in Seshego, Limpopo, on Sunday. He and members of an anti-immigrant vigilante organization went from shack to shack there, telling foreigners to return to their homelands by February 2nd.

Dlamini and members of the vigilante organization Seshego Community Against Gangsterism and Crime addressed one Zimbabwean citizen in Seshego, who said he was approached by Dlamini and members of the vigilante group Seshego Community Against Gangsterism and Crime (SCAGAC). They used threats to persuade him to leave the country by February 2nd.

Other homeowners have been reported to have locked themselves in their homes for fear of being attacked, while foreign-owned businesses have been forced to close as protests gathered.

Because they were of Zimbabwean heritage, Dlamini and members of SCAGAC have been accused of threatening church leaders who were in the middle of holding a ceremony.

"We are firing massive warning shots to bogus churches with foreign fake pastors that spiritually capture and take advantage of poor vulnerable South Africans," Dlamini subsequently commented on Twitter.

Dlamini maintains, like the EFF's Julius Malema, that he is not targeting foreigners, but rather foreigners who are in South Africa unlawfully. "We're not going after black illegal immigrants." "Whether you are white, black, or of another race, you are our target if you are in the country illegally," he told reporters.

Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo, a spokeswoman for the Limpopo provincial police, said that acts of intimidation and incitement to violence will not be permitted, and that anyone accused of committing these offences will be detained.

Dlamini and members of SCAGAC are not currently under arrest, according to Brigadier Mojapelo, but they are being constantly observed.

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