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Justiceforhlehle: The only solution to domestic violence is for the perpetrators to stop - SA Lady


A lot of South African nationals have been reacting and demanding justice for a lady shot dead by her long-time boyfriend.

A South African woman has shared a post on social media concerning the level of domestic violence women face in the country and why it needs to stop. According to her, the only way to stop domestic violence against women in the country is for the perpetrators to stop.

"The only solution to domestic violence is for the perpetrators to stop. It is not the women reporting, leaving the relationships, picking up the signs- no this is not the solution. Men must decide not to assault women- that’s it. Men must act- not the women. #justiceforhlehle"

Some people have reacted to this in various ways, take a look at some of their responses below;

@thepamowa tweeted,

"I'm a product of Divorce and frustration. I took my wife back to school and today I'm nothing, they called me names, and you want me to shut down my mouth, is that possible?"

@Bulibee tweeted,

"You don't have to kill her maybe try suing for whatever damage but killing a no."

@amila_nd tweeted,

"While they are still deciding, I choose to focus on what I can control. My leaving. My reporting. My picking up the signs."

@mapishmpemvu tweeted,

"In the case that’s trending currently, she left. And got killed. Therefore leaving is not a size fit solution. That’s the point."

@ganymedeworld tweeted,

"I'm ashamed to say this, but even I, as a man, am feeling quite helpless. From what I see, I can say women of SA are truly under siege. When? Why? How did we get here? I know what I do to help - but hell, every day is a new episode, another funeral. It's exhausting."

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