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Phoenix Community help underprivileged Black People while the EFF Plots against them. This is why.

For the past couple of weeks the area of Phoenix and it's community has been slammed in the media. They are being painted as murderers and racists towards blacks. However, while the media continues to spread a narrative of hate, Phoenix Community members continue to do good ground work by helping underprivileged black people who are in desperate need.

Doing the Groundwork :

Yesterday a post released to social media shows us the amazing work the Phoenix community is doing on the ground. They have been going to areas with underprivileged black South Africans and providing them with food hampers. They did all this while the Country continues to mount against them and paint them as monsters in the media. Regardless of what they are being called, they still choose to spread the spirit of Ubuntu and help people, even with the racial tensions currently happening. However this reveals some thing worse happening behind the scenes.

EFF Is Continuing to Spread Tensions :

While all this is happening, the EFF announced today that they are preparing to March against Indians in Phoenix. Calling it a "March Against Racist Indians". However, while the EFF is using black people to further their own agenda, why are they not helping then with their real needs. Needs like food. The Indian community has once again proven that their is no racism between Blacks and Indians, except for the racism that us being created by political parties. Which leads us to an interesting conclusion.

We Need to stop being Sheep :

For some reason, many South Africans are loyally following around these political parties like sheep. They continue to let these political parties use them and their problems to spread an agenda, instead of directly helping the problems. I commend the Indians who did real groundwork today and helped people. They deserve praise for continuing to help even after they were painted as monsters by the media and everyone else. What do you think of this situation, tell me in the comments and follow for more news as it happens.

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