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Opinion| In our struggle against White domination, our number one enemy is Black domination.

When I say we are fighting against White Supremacy and not individual white people I mean it. Because that system has both black and White participants. You cannot recruit all blacks for such a cause by virtue of skin colour, because it's such things that get you killed. Ask Hani, ask Biko, ask Malcolm X, Dr king, Lumumba, Thomas Sankara and Garvey.

Steve Biko also didn't accept Blacks by virtue of genetic commonality, he was clear that unless a black person has accepted the self-help philosophy of Black Consciousness they are ipsa facto a non-white, also, in his Back to Africa movement, Marcus Garvey believed that some blacks were not good in America therefore they won't be good in Africa and shall be excluded. In our struggle against White domination, our number one enemy is inside, wearing the same genetic coding, and if we are serious about liberation we must run them out of our organizations, starting with supporters of sell outs like Ramaphosa and Nelson Mandela, we are faced with a live or die situation and also a survive or starve to death situation and we cannot downplay this reality. This was a result of Black white supremacists who gave white power sunset clauses, we must strive for sunrise clauses and self determination and we are still going to expose them before we launch a nationwide programme.

We will hire our own Inkabis for self defense so we are good for it!

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