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Parade protest


The Public Is Urged To Avoid These Areas As There Is A Violent Protest Going On.

There is an ongoing protest on the R101 old Pretoria Rd between Hammanskraal and Carousel, Motorists and ordinary members of the public are urged to avoid that area especially motorists they must use alternative route via N1, the tollgate is open. The protest is very unstable and produce haven’t arrived on the scene so the protesters are just destroying everything they get their hands on, it is not clear what the protest is about.

This is one of the main reasons why many people do not like protesters because some people believe that protesting should be violent, when they can just protest without vandalising anything or disturbing other people’s days or routes. It is not fair for other people to have to change their direction just because of other ordinary citizens who cannot just use their brains and do the right thing, you cannot make another ordinary citizens suffer all in the name of trying to make the government change their ways or hear out your needs.

These people fail to go to places where those government officials live or always go to, but they choose to disrupt other people who are as innocent as them. Most of the times they do that because they want everyone else through join their protests and crying out for their needs, but it is very unfair because other people have got serious things to do rather than going around in the streets burning tyres or just doing things that will just waste their day and time.

This is something that should be changed, protesters need to understand that everyone is a human being and other people will not be forced to protest when they are not interested. They should also remember that other ordinary citizens shouldn't be disrupted by their protests, so it will be very wise of them to do peaceful protests instead of those violent ones.

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