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South Africans appreciates advocate Zandile Mshololo for her work on Senzos case

Zandile Mshololo's efforts on Senzo's case has been praised by South Africans

SEVENTEEN HOURS AGO, #SenzoMeyiwa Docket 375, according to a letter received by the defense, is unattended. "It was an opinion expressed by a junior attorney with no basis in fact" 

A new version of the letter has been prepared and Baloyi wants to submit it. 

Teffo voiced his displeasure with the other docket and stated that the court cannot proceed without the state providing an adequate explanation. In the end, it wasn't madness that drove him to this. But now look at you, acting as if you've never heard of this before. 

They've dug themselves into such a deep hole that this ordeal is now beyond their ability to recover from.. National security is at stake now. If the second docket is admissible, some members of the NPA, SAPS, and even the leadership of the JSC may face investigation. #SenzoMeyiwatrial, we are not naive; we are not blind. 

Both attorneys are capable of doing right by Meyiwa's family, but I am concerned about the judge, who appears to have made up his mind already. I can't wait to see Kelly and her family rot in prison for their horrible activities, which includes Longwe. That Senzo's friend is infatuated with Kelly is a disappointment to me. 

Time is running out for Zandile Mshololo. When will we stand with her and ensure that justice is done? In the spirit of supporting women's empowerment, please retweet and like Advocate Mshololo's tweets.


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