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Opinion: Carl Niehaus Will Never Get Courtroom Rest For As Long As He Supports Zuma

It is anticipated that Carl Niehaus will learn in June whether or not his complaint against Covid for violating the company's regulations will be dropped. 

Earlier this week, Niehaus re-appeared in court to face allegations that he had violated the country's Covid-19 restrictions last year. Next month, a magistrate's court in KwaZulu-Natal is set to rule on whether to throw out an ANC member's case against the state. 

An anti-Zuma rally organized outside the Escourt Correctional Center led to him being charged under the Disaster Management Act. 

An alert level 4 lockdown was in place for South Africa in July 2021, the month of Niehaus' arrest, because Zuma was in prison for disobedience of the Constitutional Court. 

After being offered an R3,000 admission of guilt fine, Niehaus refused and instead decided to take the case to court because he believes the charges against him are political in nature. 

A decision on the application has been postponed until June 27, 2022. 

Is it possible to conduct an investigation? What do you think? Alright. Niehaus, I believe, will not be given any wiggle room by the judges. It is my belief that he will face the full force of the law in this area, and even more so if he does anything else that is even somewhat criminal. 

There is no doubt in my mind that the Niehaus case is motivated. What I believe is a wonderful strategy to rid the ANC of any followers of Zuma's group is the fact that all of the party's Zuma loyalists have been placed in some sort of court case. 

Niehaus went before the Pietermaritzburg High Court on Tuesday morning (this morning) to help Zuma in his arms deal corruption case. He has been referred to as "blatant" by the opposition because of his support for Zuma. At this moment, supporting Zuma is a political death sentence. 

I believe that Niehaus is a maniac who promotes criminals and should be imprisoned as a result of his actions. There will be no trial for the political members who were sacrificed as a means to get Zuma into the Zondo trial. The Covid 19 restrictions are still being violated by a Zuma supporter in court. 

Even though the Covid 19 statute changed and people couldn't resist buying alcohol and staying out late, no case has gone as far as Niehaus' to prove a violation of it. Why? Because of Zuma's influence. 

What do you think about that? No, I didn't know that a guilty plea automatically results in a criminal record. Share this article with your friends and coworkers and see what they have to say. Please continue to read my posts since they are well worth your time.


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