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In Shock| Mob Justice Is Back Again, Here's What Happened To A Thief Who Was Caught In Polokwane

A terrifying incident which occurred in Polokwane has left tongues wagging, there's controversy when it comes to such matters. A perpetrator was beaten up by angry community members, paramedics were dispatched to the scene and on their arrival the perpetrator was pronounced dead. This has caused division on media as there are people who are against violence no matter what an individual does. It is believed that violence is never a solution, it just creates more problems.

It is also believed that it is better to know the root of these problems in order to tackle them, there's a high rate of unemployment and it is causing crime to increase. People fail to meet their basic essentials due to the fact that they do not have access to money, they struggle to meet their cost of living. Although unemployment may be an issue, we cannot condone crime, stealing from other people will not change your situation and it will also decline the lifestyle of the victims.

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