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Video of Zama Zamas getting humiliated by South Africans on Twitter may go viral: Opinion

These are African immigrants being humiliated in this undignified way like this in South Africa by South Africans.

Why do black people on the African continent expect other races on other continents to treat them with respect when they treat each other like animals in this way?

I don't deny that these nationalities from Lesotho, Zama Zamas have done big damage to the women. Yes it's not nice to hear that your daughter, your wife or your sister got raped by people from outside. If there is any crime that is taken seriously in this world besides murder, it is rape.

Raping someone is not just a simple crime, but it is a crime of all brutality and cruelty looking at the different kind of diseases that comes with unprotected sex. Diseases have hit the surface of our world, so I understand when these people reacted this way. It is only that I can hear the voices of women cheering up the man that are beating these guys. They are forcing them to get naked in front of everybody, I don't really think that it was necessary. Afrophobia is number one enemy against African success.

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