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Finally| Rosemary Ndlovu Will Get What She Deserves

Date: 22/10/21



South Africa as a whole has been following the story of the now-infamous ex-police officer Rosemary Ndlovu. It has been said that she orchestrated the killing of more than six family members in order to claim their life insurance money. The trial has taken about a month and South Africans finally get to see Rosemary Ndlovu get what she deserves.


It has been reported that on Friday the 22nd of October, the final judgement on the case of Rosemary will be taking place. Many South Africans are eager to know whether she is going to be found guilty for all the killings and what kind of punishment she is going to get for what she has done.

There has been video clips of her saying that she is going to kill some of the people that she wanted to claim money for but she did not plead guilty not even once. During the whole trial, everyone knew that she had committed these crimes but she insisted on stating that she is innocent.

It is not known what kind of ball game she was playing with South Africans and the law but it should all come out eventually during the judgement. If she is found guilty of killing the family members for personal gain, she is likely going to rot in jail.


With this case, it is very crucial that the South African justice system does not fail us. This woman has done one of the most evil things anyone would do, especially to family members that trusted her.

This is why if she is found guilty, she has to serve several life sentences for doing so. If the judgement somehow finds her innocent of anything, there is definitely going to be public outrage on the whole matter.

This is why it is very important that the judges make sure that the judgement that they are going deliver today is it just one and two it is something that create an example out of people who were thinking of committing crimes just like her.

What is your take on the matter? Do you think that she is going to be found guilty?

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