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Latest News: Gigi Lamayne announces that she is suing Inno Morolong for defamation of character

Gigi Lamayne finally responds to Inno Morolong with suing documents for R1 million


Sources: Gigi Lamayne Twitter page

It has been a rough start for Gigi Lamayne as she is being called out by Inno Morolong who wants Gigi Lamayne to stay away from her man, but things ended very badly when Inno decides to call out Gigi Lamayne with very bad names and making her look bad into the public eye. Gigi Lamayne did not make any comments or responds to Inno's accusations. Inno Morolong went ahead and call out Gigi Lamayne and body shamed her on social media.

Gigi Lamayne finally responds with the documents from her attorney's to Inno by suing her for defamation of character. I mean Inno should have expected this to happen after everything she said about Gigi Lamayne on social media. I think Gigi also made a very smart move by not responding to her accusations, this gives her more power to win the case against Inno Morolong. What surprising is that the man that Inno Morolong is fighting for did not come forward to defend both of the ladies instead he kept quiet about this issue. Why would a woman fight for a man who is not married to her.

In my opinion i think Gigi Lamayne is doing the right thing by letting the law to deal with Inno Morolong, because she what she did to Gigi Lamayne is very unacceptable. How can a black woman body shame another woman like this on social media, instead of supporting one another. Gigi Lamayne is one of those celebrities who are always quiet and drama free in their lives. She is also a person who loves to smile and be happy all the time. This shows that Gigi is an elegant woman who knows her worth and respect herself.

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